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About Us

Karla and Jorge began their marriage in 1999.  They now live in Ave María, Florida and have two sons.

For the last fifteen years, Jorge and Karla have been dedicated to educating their children through homeschooling.  As well, they have been foster parents and have dedicated themselves to mentoring individuals and marriages.

Having experienced the pain of divorce in their homes of origin, and having each gone through their own seasons of crisis that took them to the brink of divorce, Jorge and Karla describe their marriage and family as the fruit of the grace of God and His miraculous intervention.

Transformed Marriages is the fruit of their passionate calling to bring the love of Christ to the world. Through this ministry they walk with individuals, couples, and families toward a deeper encounter with Jesus Christ and with the beauty and treasures of the Catholic Faith. By helping couples to recognize acquired habits and cultural misbeliefs about marriage, Transformed Marriages leads them to find Christ's love and plan for their marriages and families.


Jorge and Karla's passion  is to spread this message, especially those who are suffering, either from ignorance of the divine plan for their lives, or from acquired habits and misbeliefs about the vocation of marriage due to a lack of good models in their own families of origin, or due to the lies instilled by our current culture.

"God only needs one willing heart," Karla and Jorge say as they invite you to open up your heart and come and see the wonders that Christ can work in your marriage and family.

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