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About Transformed Marriages

Transformed Marriages is an integrative ministry for marriages and families  rooted in a Christ-centered living and  in the teachings of the Catholic Church. We connect our family daily interactions with Sacred Scripture and Tradition, finding in them  instruction and guidance for our journeys.

 We seek to gradually renew our minds to conform to God's word and ultimately learn to live in His  perfect will. One moment at a time, we learn how to identify God's presence in each aspect of our personal and family lives. Through practical steps and daily prayer, we seek the power to acknowledge and change the patterns and thoughts that are contrary to the obedience of Christ and that are, most likely, breaking apart our marriages and families.

Through bi-monthly encounters, together we gradually discover God's plan for our marriages and families; and by practical integrative steps we learn how to apply this plan in our daily marriage and family interactions.

We firmly believe that permanent and real transformation that leads to true conversion can only come from being in God's presence, the source of all strength and security; therefore, a  sacramental Christ-centered life  is at the root of all Transformed Marriages encounters and practices.

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