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 "Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind."
Romans 12:2
Holding Hands

Our mission is to empower marriages and families to live in holiness and be able to stand against the attacks that seek to destroy them.  As Christian spouses we  have been given a high calling: to reflect the love of Christ to the world.  Our society desperately needs to encounter this love, and it is through our marriages and families that we can fulfill God's calling to bring His light to a world in desperate need of Him.  Transformed Marriages invites couples  to enter into a  transformative process so they can  understand who they truly are and what  God calls them to become, a city on a hill. Together we discover how to apply God's word  in a functional way , bringing our Catholic Faith  to a practical application in our daily lives. 


We know marriage and the family are under attack, but

do we know how to fight this battle from within our own marriages and families? 

  "Family, Become What You Are." 

St. John Paul II 

“For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother and be joined to his wife,                                             and the two shall become one flesh."


This is a great mystery, but I speak in reference to Christ and the church.


 Ephesians 5:31-32

About Transformed Marriages

Transformed Marriages is an integrative ministry for marriages and families  rooted in a Christ-centered living and  in the teachings of the Catholic Church. We connect our family daily interactions with Sacred Scripture and Tradition, finding in them  instruction and guidance for our journeys.

 We seek to gradually renew our minds to conform to God's word and ultimately learn to live in His  perfect will. One moment at a time, we learn how to identify God's presence in each aspect of our personal and family lives. Through practical steps and daily prayer, we seek the power to acknowledge and change the patterns and thoughts that are contrary to the obedience of Christ and that are, most likely, breaking apart our marriages and families.

Through bi-monthly encounters, together we gradually discover God's plan for our marriages and families; and by practical integrative steps we learn how to apply this plan in our daily marriage and family interactions.

We firmly believe that permanent and real transformation that leads to true conversion can only come from being in God's presence, the source of all strength and security; therefore, a  sacramental Christ-centered life  is at the root of all Transformed Marriages encounters and practices.


"As the family goes, so goes the nation and so goes the whole world in which we live."

 St. John Paul II

Family at a Beach
Image by Fr. Barry Braum

            The Power of the Sacrament of Marriage

Through the sacrament of marriage God gives us the grace   not just survive, but to thrive in our marriages, enabling us to love one another with God's own love; therefore only one thing is needed, to remain in Him. 


Remain In Me

 John 15:5

About Us

Karla and Jorge began their marriage in 1999.  They now live in Ave María, Florida and have two sons.

For the last fifteen years, Jorge and Karla have been dedicated to educating their children through homeschooling.  As well, they have been foster parents and have dedicated themselves to mentoring individuals and marriages.

Having experienced the pain of divorce in their homes of origin, and having each gone through their own seasons of crisis that took them to the brink of divorce, Jorge and Karla describe their marriage and family as the fruit of the grace of God and His miraculous intervention.

Transformed Marriages is the fruit of their passionate calling to bring the love of Christ to the world. Through this ministry they walk with individuals, couples, and families toward a deeper encounter with Jesus Christ and with the beauty and treasures of the Catholic Faith. By helping others to recognize acquired habits and cultural misbeliefs about marriage, Transformed Marriages leads them to find Christ's love and plan for them.


Jorge and Karla's passion  is to spread this message to marriages and families, especially those who are suffering, either from ignorance of the divine plan for their lives, or from acquired habits and misbeliefs about the vocation of marriage due to a lack of good models in their own families of origin, or due to the lies instilled by our current culture.

Besides the ministry bi weekly meetings, in English and Spanish, Karla and Jorge offer one on one accompaniment  and integrative coaching sessions. You can find more information and schedule a consultation at: 

Encounters 2022-2023

We prefer to call our meetings Encounters as we truly  encounter God's revelation and transformative power though our each sessions 






Donahue Academy Ave Maria Fl.
Meetings 2022-2023

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           An Invitation to Transform 

Christian life is all about truly pursuing a life of internal transformation by surrendering to an ongoing process of change from the inside out and becoming a transformed soul in the image of Christ. The church calls it sanctification, a life-long process of becoming more like Christ.  

                This should be the purpose of our practices and traditions.                    


"To live is to change, but to become perfect, to become like Christ, to be whom we are called to be is to change often."
St John Newman

Come and See

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Encounters    2022-2023

We prefer to call our meetings Encounters as we truly  encounter God's revelation and transformative power in  each session. 

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Donahue Academy Ave Maria Fl.
Spanish:11:30 a.m.-2:00 p.m./English: 4:00- 6:30 p.m.


September          24th


October              8th and 15th


November          5th and 19th


December          3rd


January               14th and 21st


February             11th and 18th


March                 4th and 11th


April                   1st and 22nd


May                    6th and 20th


June                    3rd and 17th

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Integrative Coaching



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